Vasayo Business Opportunity - 8 Ways To Earn
With 8 Ways To Earn

Vasayo gives your business opportinity the boost you need to see faster and better results as you start your business journey. *

Vasayo Products - Designed For Rapid Change
Designed For Rapid Change

Vasayo comes with 8 effective
products to help you boost
all-around health support and weight loss results. *

Vasayo Liposome Microlife Science - Advanced Delivery Technology
Potential For Faster Results

Our mission is to deliver solutions to health-conscious consumers who demand superior quality and delivery of key ingredients for optimal product performance. *

Vasayo Business Opportunity - 8 Ways To Earn

VASAYO - Business Opportunity

Vasayo is the opportunity that makes those dreams a reality, and we don’t take that lightly

As a Vasayo Brand Partner, you will have the opportunity to create an income stream that can carry far into the future, simply by sharing your favorite products with the people you love. And with 8 compelling and generous ways to earn, you’ll find that it’s easy to start gaining momentum – whether you decide to create a full-time business or a part-time income.

8 Ways To Earn

  1. Customer Sales Bonus (CSB)
  2. Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)
  3. Team Commission (TC)
  4. Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM)
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB)
  6. Global Leadership Bonus (GLB)
  7. Lifestyle Trips (LT)
  8. Multiple Business Centers (MBC)

Vasayo is about delivering solutions for a healthier, happier and more prosperous life

order VASAYO PRODUCTS and get your healthier and happier life back!


  • Burn fats and reduce the weight *
  • Full body detoxification *
  • Increase flexibility and mobility *
  • Promote energy and stamina *
  • Elevate cognitive function *
  • Keep your body in shape *

VASAYO Products | Superior Nutrients Absorption

Vasayo products contains powerful ingredients for energy, vitality, weight loss and overall body health. Together with Advanced Delivery Technologies for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption you can keep your body in shape.


VASAYO Neuro | Brain-boosting Nutrients

Neuro delivers brain-boosting nutrients that your body requires to support clarity, memory, and cognitive function. *


VASAYO V-Tox | Natural Detoxification

Vtox supports natural detoxification processes for optimum functionality. It can help carry heavy metals out of the body’s system. *


VASAYO Eternal | Antioxidant Super-Blend

Eternal helps to significantly increase collagen and elastin. It can help nourish and support the cardiovascular system.*


VASAYO VSlim | Weight Management

VSlim boosts body’s metabolism and helps suppress appetite and curb cravings. It can manage healthy blood-sugar levels. *

Core Complete

VASAYO Core Complete | Multivitamin Complex

Core Complete supports the digestive tract with enzymes and probiotics. It can improve body’s nutrition and fill in the gaps. *


VASAYO V3 | Natural Energy Booster

V3 contains natural ingredients to boost mood, focus, concentration. You can enjoy natural and sustained energy. *


VASAYO Sleep | Relax the Mind

Sleep helps relax the mind and body. With a healthy, rejuvenating night’s sleep you can awake renewed and rested. *


VASAYO Renaew | Enhanced Joints Flexibility

Renew supports enhanced flexibility and mobility within the joints. It can help with faster recovery from exercise. *

order VASAYO PRODUCTS and get your healthier and happier life back!

Vasayo Products | Money Back Guarantee

Vasayo Offers Product Satisfaction With 30 Days No Question Asked Guarantee

VASAYO MICROLIFE SUPPLEMENTS is proven and besides helping you to get your healthier and happier life back, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee on all products!

Thousands of people such as you have achieved amazing results with VASAYO PRODUCTS. The great thing is that with Vasayo Satisfaction Program you can save money every month and you may make better use for it. With Vasayo you will also get 100% money back guarantee.

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers of Vasayo products. The results are not guaranteed! Consult your physician before using any product.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.