1. Are Vasayo products third-party certified?

    Vasayo products are manufactured at an NSF-certified and FDA-registered (cGMP) facility.

  2. From where are the ingredients in Vasayo products sourced?

    Vasayo sources the best ingredients from various countries all over the world. We seek partnerships with companies who do clinical studies or have unique properties to their ingredients.

  3. Which Vasayo products are non-GMO?

    All Vasayo products are non-GMO.

  4. Which Vasayo products are organic?

    USDA Organic Certification only applies to ingredients sourced from within the United States, and Vasayo products are sourced from all over the world. Ouringredients are independently tested for heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides, and we ensure they are free from these contaminants.

  5. Which Vasayo products are gluten-free?

    All Vasayo products are gluten-free.

  6. Which Vasayo products are vegan/vegetarian?

    CBD One, Renew, Neuro, V3, and V-Slim are all vegan. All of the ingredients in Core Complete are vegan with the exception of the omega capsule.

  7. Which Vasayo products include ingredients that contain or are derived from egg, milk, or soy?


  8. Are the ingredients in Vasayo products non-irradiated?

    All ingredients are not irradiated

  9. Can the capsules be broken and mixed into a shake?

    Yes. Opening the capsules won’t harm the product in any way. You may put them in a healthy smoothie/healthy drink of your choice.

  10. I have allergies. Can I take Vasayo products?

    Vasayo products do not contain any ingredients derived from common allergens, including soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, or dairy.

  11. What are the natural flavors in Vasayo products?

    Fruit and vegetable extracts. We do not use MSG or synthetics.

  12. Do you use artificial coloring?

    No, we don’t use any coloring agents or artificial colors. The colors of the product are derived from the active ingredients themselves.

  13. Does Vasayo conduct testing on its products?

    Yes. Vasayo products are tested according to the Food and Drug Administration’s cGMP regulations and requirements to ensure product quality and purity.

  14. Is any type of preservative used to prolong the shelf life of Vasayo products?

    The preservative used is Potassium Sorbate.

  15. Will the absorption technology increase the chances of this preservative going into my system?

    No. There are no preservatives in the liposomes themselves.

  16. Do freezing temperatures damage the products?

    Our products will not be affected by freezing or hot temperatures as long as they don’t get any hotter than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

  17. Are there any types of artificial sweeteners used in Vasayo products?

    No. We use an all-natural form of Stevia.

  18. What if I receive a product with a broken/damaged seal?

    If you believe the seal was tampered with or if the seal is broken, do not use the product, and please contact Vasayo immediately at support@vasayo.com.

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